The basics of smoking

Smoking weed is a unique experience in that no two person gets the same high from firing up the herb. This is largely due to the myriad of available ways to smoke cannabis and the equally varied selection of tools to consume it.

Essentially, weed can be smoked either through a glass water pipe or dry pipe. The most obvious difference between the two is that glass water pipes products contain water while dry pipes do not. The former will be the main focus of this article.

What are water pipes?

A glass water pipe is a device that uses water to filter the smoke before weed is inhaled. It consists of a bottle or a vertical tube where water is placed, and a smaller tube that branches off and ends in a bowl. Since water filters the smoke before it travels to the mouth, users experience a cooler sensation that dry pipes lack.

Glass Water Pipes come in different forms and sizes that will satisfy varying smoking preferences. For instance, it can be fashioned from wood, acrylic, clay or silicone. However, none is more universally preferred than glass chiefly due to its ability to preserve the taste of the herb. Smokers can also choose whether to get a mid-sized pipe or a gigantic one depending on how much smoke the body can take before it goes into overdrive.

What are the benefits of waterpipes?

As mentioned earlier, weed can be smoked either through a dry pipe or a wet pipe. For smokers who are in the fence on which device to try, the following details might come in handy:

  1. Beginner Friendly. The water-cooled smoke makes breathing in the herb a lot easier. Users can also opt to add ice to the glass water pipes that have ice pinch to further enhance the cooling.
  2. Smooth. The addition of water not only cools down the smoke but more importantly, it helps filter out harmful toxins as well. It is a well-known fact that burning substance produces carcinogens. The water in such pipes binds to many of these toxins which leaves the smoke that enters the body virtually carcinogen-free.

    For users that want to elevate the smoothness of every hit and experience less coughing, there are percolators in the market that are compatible with several waterpipes.

    Percolators are contraptions for glass water-pipes, particularly bongs. It is basically an additional water chamber that adds another layer of filtration before smoke gets in the body from the mouth.
  3. Hybrid.Water-pipes come in varying shapes and sizes that resembles the portability of hand pipes, but also prefer the smoothness and filtration capabilities of glass water-pipes.
  4. Modification. There has been a steady rise in the popularity of glass water-pipes thanks to the opportunity for modification. Smokers can choose not only between a bubbler and bong but they can also shop for ones with ice-catchers or built-in tree, inline, donut, honeycomb or showerhead percs. Attachments like ash-catchers, downstems, joint-converters, nails, etc. are also available to further meet the preferences of users.

How to use a glass water pipe?

Below is a basic guide on the usage of  glass water-pipes which beginners will surely appreciate:

  1. Gather the supplies. This includes bowl piece, glass water pipe, lighter or any combustion material, grinder (optional) and herb.
  2. Grind the herb using a grinder. If there is no grinder available, the weed may be grinded using bare hands.
  3. Remove the bowl piece from the carb and set it aside.
  4. Fill the device with water but not over the opening of the downstem. Ice may be added to enhance the cooling effect.
  5. Replace the bowl piece into the downstem.
  6. Load the bowl piece and light it using a lighter, or any combustion material.
  7. Inhale the smoke while simultaneously pulling the bowl piece from the downstem

What are the types of water pipes?

Bubbler and bong are two of the most popular glass water-pipes, each having their own sub-types grouped according to material and design. Although the two may look one and the same, they have several differences that could be crucial to the overall satisfaction of their users.

Generally speaking, bongs are preferred by cannabis enthusiasts who want smoother and cooler hits while a bubbler attract smokers that want quick and easy water filtered smoke. To further illustrate the difference of the two, below are the pros and cons of each device:

The advantages of using a Bong:

  1. Bongs allow for stronger hits and longer sessions. They are generally larger in size than a bubbler and therefore has bigger chambers for smoke to fill. In addition, the bowls are also bigger so more herb can be packed in them.
  2. Bongs have removable pieces that make cleaning and maintenance easier.
  3. Bongs are more customizable than a bubbler. They vary from the bowls to percolators, the sizes and shapes.

The advantages of using a Bubbler:

  1. Bubblers are smaller than bongs making them lighter and more portable.
  2. Bubblers are more durable. Their shape allows for a good grip and its overall construction make them less likely to break after a bad fall.
  3. A Bubbler hits harder than pipes but less than a bong.

The disadvantages of using a Bong:

  1. Bongs are made of thinner glass making them more fragile than a bubbler. In addition, the shape and weight make holding the device harder to manage.
  2. Bongs are generally more expensive than a bubbler since the removable parts like downstems, bowls, and percolators, need to be replaced every once in a while.
  3. Bongs are almost impossible to conceal. Aside from its size, bong rips are also easily identifiable from people within earshot due to its distinct bubbling sound.

The disadvantages of using a Bubbler:

  1. A Bubbler is harder to clean. Since it has no detachable parts, cleaning the narrow ends of this device is no walk in the park.
  2. A Bubbler is hard to customize unlike bongs that have removable parts and separate accessories.

How much does glass water-pipes cost?

The cost of glass waterpipes primarily varies in terms of the size and design but normally, a cheap pipe will cost somewhere between $5 to $20 on sale. A cheap price to pay for one hell of an experience. Happy shopping!