Smoking – the slow killer

If you are considering quitting smoking, choose Champix which is a clinically proven oral medication. It helps you quit smoking in less than 12 weeks. Read below to learn more about this drug.

Cigarette: The Silent Killer in the World

It is a well known fact that smoking is a harmful and addictive habit that has led to the untimely death of millions of people around the world. However, you may find it difficult to give up the habit of smoking as nicotine in tobacco gives you immense pleasure. This highly addictive substance, nicotine, therefore tends to make you a tobacco slave. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide as well as nicotine, which leads to a decrease in your body’s oxygen supply. It makes your brain work harder. Tobacco smoke contains many carcinogens that can cause life-threatening illnesses such as lung, throat, liver, bladder and mouth cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, infertility and cervical cancer in women.

Statistics indicate that 70% of smokers are ready to quit, but they are not confident because of the habit of addiction. Giving up the habit of smoking leads you to a healthier life and reduces the threat of developing many serious health complications. In addition, you are also able to save money that you normally spend on buying cigarettes every day. If you plan to quit smoking, you will need a treatment plan with the encouragement of your loved ones. You can quit smoking even in one day, but it is advisable to relieve the urge to smoke gradually so that your body can completely get used to the lack of nicotine.

Passive Smoking

You should consult a doctor and seek appropriate treatment that will help you quit smoking. The most common methods of smoking cessation treatment include nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), which comes as a spray, pill, patch or inhaler. However, the success rate of NRT is not very high because in this method the body is still exposed to nicotine. There are very few people who remain permanently smokeless with this quit smoking treatment. You can also go for counseling or therapy if you see smoking as a way to get rid of stress and frustrations.

There are many smokers who have successfully achieved the goal of quitting smoking with the help of a smoking cessation treatment called Champix. It is an oral medication approved by the MHRA that effectively reduces the urge and the pleasant effects associated with smoking. The standard duration of this treatment is usually 12 weeks. However, it can also depend on your confidence and your will. Champix gradually reduces the urge for nicotine, after inhibiting the brain receptors that usually bind to nicotine. It also reduces withdrawal symptoms by reducing the pleasure derived from nicotine. Over a period of time, you will find the taste of cigarette unpleasant and therefore will not enjoy smoking. Doses of Champix have shown very high success rates in clinical trials.

This medication is safe for almost anyone over the age of 18. However, it is not prescribed for people who have a history of depression, damaged kidney function, epilepsy or women who are pregnant. You can buy Champix at one of the registered online pharmacies and have an online consultation with a certified doctor.