One Hitters on the go 

While most people actually enjoy going through the process of setting up their bongs if they’re having a group session with friends, it can be boring and frustrating to have do go through all the trouble of setting up a bong if you’re on your own! Thankfully, there are one hitters that can make it easier for you go get that buzz you’re looking for.

What are One Hitters?

A one hitter is a small pipe that has an attached bowl where you can put your dry herbs, and it’s used for a single inhale, or “one hit”, hence the name. Generally, a one hitter contains around 25 milligrams of cannabis, which is the average amount that is burned for a single hit. 

There are two types of one hitters available: disposable and reusable one hitters. Disposable one hitters usually look like a cigarette, and once you’ve finished up the cannabis inside, you throw away the one hitter tube. On the other hand, reusable one hitters usually look like pipes, and it can be made from metal, plastic, glass, or ceramic. 

How do One Hitters Work?

One hitters work exactly as their name suggests: you take one hit every time you light one up. The small amount of cannabis that you can find in disposable one hitters will be used up for a single inhale, and for reusable one hitters, you can pack it as tightly as possible so that it’s ready for use anytime. 

Where to buy One Hitters?

You can easily purchase one hitters online where you can find a wide range of different styles, appearances, and prices that will fit your needs. carries a huge selection of one hitters, so that you can find the one hitter that’s perfect for you!

How to Use One Hitters?

The best things about one hitters are how convenient and easy they are to use. If you’re using a disposable one hitter, you simply have to light up and take a hit until the cannabis is used up. If you’re using a reusable one hitter, you will fill the chamber or bowl with your cannabis, making sure that it’s packed in tightly so that it burns evenly, but not too tight that it restricts airflow. You can pack your cannabis vertically, so that you can be sure that the cannabis is packed in evenly. 

Next, you light up, and you take a deep, slow inhale so that you avoid swallowing the ash. Once you’ve finished the cannabis, you can either tap out the ash gently by tapping the one hitter against a hard surface, or you can blow the ash gently out.

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is to ensure that you are using the right consistency of cannabis. If you grind the cannabis too roughly, it might not burn evenly, but if you grind it too finely, the marijuana can burn out too quickly before you can even enjoy your session! The best balance that you can achieve with your weed is that it’s fine enough to fit in the chamber, but large enough to stay in there and not fall into your mouth while you’re smoking.

You should also make sure that you’re lighting your one hitter the right way. You need to keep the contact between your weed and the flame for one to two seconds as you inhale, then immediately move the flame away so that it doesn’t get too hot. If done right, your one hitter is going to have a “cherry” that will keep your cannabis lit until the end of your session.

How to Clean a One Hitter?

If you’re using a disposable one hitter, you obviously don’t need to clean it! You just need to throw it away once you’ve finished up the cannabis. However, if you’re using a reusable one hitter, you need to make sure that you clean it right after every use. This will make sure you have a clean and smooth hit every time you use it, and it will remove ash and resin from inside the one hitter.

After you finish the weed inside the one hitter, you need to remove the ash by blowing it out or tapping the one hitter gently against a hard surface. However, this only removes the ash, but the resin will still remain inside your one hitter. You need to use a pipe cleaner to completely remove the resin from inside the one hitter.

Every couple of weeks, you need to thoroughly clean your one hitter all the way through to avoid tar and resin buildup, and to make sure that your one hitter is kept clean and hygienic. First, you need to rinse your one hitter in hot water (you can also leave it to soak for around 10 minutes). Then, you can create a mixture of alcohol, clean hot water, and one tablespoon of salt, where you will soak your one hitter next. If you want to make the solution move through your one hitter more thoroughly, you can put it and your one hitter in a baggie or container, and shake it for a few minutes. Finally, rinse it out with warm water, and let your one hitter dry before using it again.

How Much Does One Hitters Cost?

One hitters are cheap, and a perfect addition to any smoking paraphernalia collection. You might even want to purchase a one hitter to always keep in your pockets so that you can get a hit anywhere, anytime. One hitters are generally priced under $10, and can range from around $2.99 to $7.99.