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Gravity bongs – you don’t have to be a scientist to understand them

A gravity bong does exactly what its name says. It’s a smok-ing apparatus which uses the force of gravity and water to collect highly concentrated amounts smoke. The ingenuity of these devices allows you to become super high real quick, with just a few hits of smoke.
Like a normal water bong, gravity bongs also utilize water, albeit for a different purpose. A water bong uses water to cool the smok-ing in a chamber while a gravity bong uses water to create a pressure vacuum which collects and holds all that smok-ing in a central location. Its design primarily consists of two parts: a large container, and a smaller container fitted inside it. The small container has a bowl on the top and an opening on the bottom, and the large container is filled with water to the point that the smaller one is submerged up to its neck.

How do I use them?

Because the idea behind gravityBongs is so simple, it’s also easy to use them. Keep in mind though that this doesn’t mean that any newbie smoker could just go ahead and try it. A single hit from all that condensed smoke packs quite a punch even for veteran smokers- so newbies, take caution.
To start, place the small container inside the larger one and then fill it with water (up to its neck would be perfect). Next, place your herb into the small container’s bowl. As you light the herb, gently pull the small container upwards; this creates the vacuum pressure which collects all the smoke. Once you are satisfied with the amount of smoke collected, remove the bowl and then inhale while pushing the small container down into the water this time. This downward momentum pushes the smoke upwards and forces it into your lungs.

How do I get my hands on one of these?

Gravity bongs are less accessible than their regular bongs or pipes counterparts. In fact, they are actually banned in some countries like the US. The good news though is that their design is so simple that making a DIY gravity bong is easy and cheap; you can even use common household materials to do so.
If making one isn’t your thing, then there are also some high quality glass gravityBongs for sale online.

Pros and Cons of using a gravity bong

Just like with many things, gravity bongs come with upsides and downsides. They appeal to smoking enthusiasts who are looking to get even higher than their usual smoke sessions. On the flip side, the amount and strength of the smoke that is inhaled could be off-putting to beginners. If you are a seasoned herb smoker, you’ll find gravity bong hits to be deep and smooth. If you are a newcomer though, it may just be too much- however, the more you use it the more it gets easier.
It’s also fairly simple to construct your own gravity bong. But it is advised that you do not use plastic bottles or containers in creating them. Plastic and heat do not go well; and when you use a plastic gravity bong, you’ll most likely find yourself inhaling not just that herb smoke, but also the harmful synthetic chemicals which are gassed off from the plastic.
When you create the ability to get your hands on a high quality gravity bong, it is definitely worth it. In terms of being cheap, use less weed, and are reusable to boot.

How do I clean a dirty gravity bong?

Just as how it is made and used, a gravity bong is pretty straightforward to clean. You clean it just as you would a regular bong. GravityBongs may even be easier to clean because they are not closed off like most bongs. Here are the steps to effectively clean your bong, just in time for the next smoke session.

  1. Throw out that dirty water– The first thing you should do is dump the water you used. It seems like a mundane thing to do, but maybe this is why people overlook it. Even if the water looks harmless, some chemicals from the smoke has latched on to it so it’s not a good idea to use this to drench your materials.
  2. Deconstruct your bong – Take apart the bowl and the two containers. If your gravity bong has other removable parts, take them of too (bowl). When making your own bong, try to make it as uncomplicated as possible so you could easily clean it.
  3. Rinse every part with hot water – This is a good first step in terms of cleaning a bong. Hot running water easily dislodges the resin and gunk built up from repeated use. Use dish washing gloves while doing this because you need the water to be as hot as you can tolerate so you can fast track the cleaning process. Rinse the small container starting from it’s large bottom opening- with the water coming out of the top opening (where the bowl was).
  4. Put each piece of your bong in a container – After putting them in, pour about ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol and at least 1 tablespoon of salt. The alcohol’s mild acidity partnered with the salt acting as an abrasive is an effective cleaning solution.
  5. Shake!– Once everything is secure, shake the containers which house the materials and the solution. The vigorous motion will scrub off gunk that has collected on the surface of your bong.
  6. Rinse again with hot water – The last step would be to use hot running water to once again rinse your gravity bong. After rinsing, place each part in a secure place to dry.

Some thoughts to close out

Gravity bongs can get you higher than you’ve ever been with less weed. If you’re an enthusiast and you found your usual smoke sessions lacking, upgrade to a gravity bong for that fresh experience. Because they are so easy and cheap to make, use, and clean, gravityBongs offer the most bang for your buck in terms of the smoking experience.