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Glass blunts are Eco-Friendly!

For those who love using rolling papers or blunt wraps products to support their smoking evening, glassblunts products can be a great alternative to make smoking easier, cleaner, and more convenient. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and you can easily purchase a glassblunt  no matter your budget. They’re great pocket-sized pieces that combine the simplicity and convenience of rolledblunts, with the beauty of hand-made pipes.

What is a glass blunt?

In general, a glass blunt is a tube-shaped device that’s used to smoke dry herbs or tobacco. Since it’s exposed to high heat, high-quality GlassBlunts are usually made from heat-resistant borosilicateGlass. This type of glasses prevents the blunt from cracking or shattering from thermal shock. There is also glass blunt that is shatter-resistant, so it won’t break easily even if you drop it while you’re using it.

Most glassblunts products have a sliding feature that allows you to adjust the amount of dry herb that you place inside, so you can adjust the amount for either quick, personal use, or if you’re sharing the dry herb with other people. The clear body of the blunt also allows you to see how much of the dry herb you’ve already used. Another great feature of GlassBlunts is that it keeps all the ash inside the body, eliminating the need for messy cleanups. You simply need to move the slide featuring and empty out the used ash into the trash can, and you’re ready to use the glass blunt again!

How does a glass blunt work?

The basic mechanism of a glass blunt works like a traditional rolled-up blunt, but instead of placing the dry herb or tobacco into paper, you will load it into the transparent tube. a Blunt come with a loading mechanism, which either slides or twists. GlassBlunts have a chamber where you place the dry herb.

Once you’ve loaded your dry herb into your blunt and you’re smoking the blunt, the sliding mechanism will then move the unused herb towards your lighter or heat source, while moving the ash upwards. This allows you to keep using your blunt without having to re-ignite it over and over again, and without worrying about ash falling all around.

Where to buy glassblunt?

There are many places where you can buy a glass blunt, but in general, you can either order one online or go to an actual retail store that sells smoking paraphernalia. There are pros and cons to both.

If you choose to purchase a glass blunt online, you will be able to choose from a virtually endless number of retailers and online sellers. You’ll find a variety that you won’t be able to find in a single store. What’s more, there is a wealth of resources online that will help you choose the right blunt for you and your budget, as well as teach you how to use and clean your glass blunt properly. However, you won’t be able to check the product until you have it delivered, and your glass blunt might get damaged during the delivery. There are also some shops that might not guarantee the product safety during their delivery, so you might have some problems when you receive your glass blunt.

On the other hand, going to a retail shop will limit your choices to what’s offered in the shop, but at least you will be able to check the glass blunt before you purchase it. Most of the time, those working in these retail shops are also friendly and willing to help you choose the right blunt for you. They’ll also even help you with tips on how to use and clean your glass blunt. If you’re new to using a blunt, it might be a good idea to go to a retail shop and purchase a glass blunt in person, because it’s easier to learn when someone is teaching you about glassblunts in person.

How to use a glass blunt?

First, you make sure that your glass blunt is clean and dry. You remove the loading mechanism, then place the dry herb into the chamber, keeping your finger on the cap to make sure that the dry herb stays in place. You then place the loading mechanism back, and you’re ready to start smoking your dry herb.

As you light up the dry herb, you can twist or slide the mechanism to push new herb near the flames, while pulling the ash away at the same time. Glassblunts allow you to use as little or as much dry herb as you want to smoke at one time, then keeps the rest safe and ready for the next smoking session.

How to clean a glass blunt?

Cleaning a glass blunt is quick and easy. You first remove all the remaining material inside your blunt, both the dry herb and the ash. Make sure to wash out the glasstube, loading mechanism, and the cap thoroughly. If you have a test tube cleaner, you can use it to help scrub the inside well. In order to ensure that your blunt is cleaned thoroughly, you can soak it in a mixture of coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol overnight, then rinse it completely in water the next morning. Finally, wipe it down with a clean, soft cloth to dry your glass blunt.

How much are glass blunts?

The great news is that glassblunts are very affordable! Their prices can vary depending on the material used, to the rarity of the blunt. There are cheap, one-hitter blunt that are available for as low as $5, while a high-quality blunt made from borosilicate and is hand-made with beautiful designs that can range from $100 and above. In general though, you can get a good-quality blunt that will last you for a long time for around $20- $30 including free shipping, in terms of buying from an online store.